The Beginning

I have decided to record my journey in what I call social mastery. I have been involved in the seduction/pickup community for a couple of years now. I have read a good number of books, watched video products, participated and read the sundry forums available, and attend local lair meetings in New York City.

I believe that the skills the community teaches can be used to enhance relationships in general and does not just provide merely a skill set to sleep with women.

I will use this journal as a means of keeping me focused on my goals and accountable to an audience should one develop. I will list my immediate goals, the steps I have taken to obtain them, field reports, lay reports, and I will participate in sarging missions/challenges and bootcamps, provide product reviews, etc.



January 1, 2008 at 6:21 PM

Good luck man! I too am on a journey towards social mastery. I can't believe I found somebody else doing this. I thought 'social mastery' was my original idea. Haha. Gosh, I love social interaction!