General Update

The Stylelife Challenge

I have not had a chance to continue the Stylelife Challenge due to other responsibilities. I will resume the calling on Sunday and Monday when I am free and hopefully finally complete that day's challenge so I can move on.


I still have not masturbated during the time period listed to the left, however I have looked at porn twice in that time period :-( I'm just happy the timer is still going up and I haven't had to reset it, otherwise that would be frustrating.

Meeting New Women

At the moment my ability to meet new women is not the greatest. I go to school in an extremely small school, and I've already shat where I sleep once and after how that turned out I am very hesitant to hook up with anyone else there, and secondly there is not anyone that I am interested in enough to disregard my first point over. Okay, I guess I am being dishonest, I could be approaching woman in my daily environment outside of school and work, but that is approach anxiety for you. I just have to get over it and do it.


bobby rio

January 20, 2008 at 1:21 PM

Best of luck on your journey... i look forward to reading about your progress.

21 days without masturbation... i think explode lol even when i'm getting laid regularly i still need to rub one out haha

Bobby Rio