Product Review: Mehow: Get the Girl Infield Insider: January 2008

This is my first product review.

This product consists of about a dozen hidden video day time pickups. Three videos are of Jack of Diamonds, the rest and majority of the videos are of Philos. Philos is introduced as someone with a tremendous amount of experience, a guy who has had threesomes, foursomes, etc. Separate from the individual pickups, Mehow then reviews several of those hidden camera videos, critiques the pickups and provides information on Day Game.

The Jack of Diamond videos were excellent and I learned a lot from them. However, the Philos videos were utterly horrendous. I have never heard of him, but judging from the videos he looked like a complete AFC. I cannot even begin to understand how Mehow can be praising this the way he does and based upon the video performances I would have to disbelieve all the supposed accomplishments it was claimed he has had with women.

I wouldn’t recommend this product, there are better ones out there and Mehow let the ball drop on this one.