Social Updates

Okay, so in the posts titled "Social Updates" I will be describing my relevant social interactions with other people. These are not "Field Reports" or "Lay Reports." Those will be labeled as such.

Today I began work as an internship with two females. One is extremely attractive, the other average. I made sure I did a significant amount of kino to both, as well as banter, building rapport and and a neg here or there for the pretty one. So far it appears I have fairly good chemistry with both of them. The evaluation is that they are both obtainable, even though the average one is in a relationship. I treated them both the same, and never indicated to either of them I have any preference or interest towards either one of them.

They are both very friendly and cool, but I am undecided if I want to pursue anything aggressively. I went out to lunch with the average one and walked to and took the train with the pretty one, so I spent a significant amount of 1 on 1 time with both of them. We'll see.

Some examples of the exchanges:

The pretty one banged into a chair and that led to me bantering with her throughout the day about how clumsy she was. It was from this point on that I felt chemistry was developing, before that she would look at me quite a bit, probably a little too much, but I didn't feel a real connection.

The two girls were talking about how they like each other's shoes and I told the pretty one that the lines in her left shoe were closer together than the lines in her right shoe (because they really were).

The average one offered for me to spend the night on her couch whenever I would like.

The pretty one offered to share her drink with me. I generally do not share drinks with people and think that most people will not do so unless they feel comfortable if not attracted to the other person, so I took this as a positive sign no matter what.