The Stylelife Challenge: Day 2 (Complete)

I completed the Second Day of the challange. Day 2's 3rd and final mission consisted of repeating Day 1's field mission but with an additional requirement. Therefore I had to make small talk with five more strangers and remember the color of their eyes. I made small talk with 6 strangers.

Stranger 1: Male. Brown. I was at the supermarket and noticed a guy had a very complex shopping list. I asked him about it.

Sranger 2: Female. Hazel. My friend was purchasing stamps at customer service and I noticed two feather dusters behind the counter so I asked the cashier about them.

Stranger 3: Female. Brown. She was a security guard. Talked about the weather.

Stranger 4: Male. Brown. I was filling out paper work at a new job. Made small talk.

Stranger 5: Female. Brown. Same as # 4.

Stranger 6: Female. Light Brown. I was waiting for the elevator. She was coming to the elevator and as she approached I said something along the lines of "Hey, hows it going" or maybe I just said "Hey." I can't remember. Anyhow, she did not stop talking from that point on, she even offered me a piece of gum which I accepted :-)

So that is the completetion of Day 2. I enjoyed the first two challanges, hopefully Day 3 is interesting and not silly.



January 4, 2008 at 11:15 PM

Unbelievable stuff man. You are a true inspiration. Love how you noticed those details in the first two. Nice! The sixth one rocks, you seemed so genuine. I think that's something DD don't have to use any fancy pick-up lines or anything. So yeah, keep going man! Woo!