The Stylelife Challenge: Day 3 (Mission 1 of 3)

This mission was for me not to shave or shower. The mission itself stated that no one would probably notice. This is 100% correct since I basically never left the apartment, lol. I was busy working on a project so I really didn't have a chance to go out, so I will be repeating this one, probably on Monday.

If I am going out for the day, even if I don't shave or make myself look pretty, I still shower. And Mr. Strauss is wrong about people not noticing. I had finals during the middle of December and I started coming in all disheveled looking, and people noticed, girls and guys alike and they commented also. So, maybe strangers don't notice (I don’t really know, I never asked) but people I do know actually do notice, and I guess that means they care, how sweet ;-)

Also, this is a funky challenge for me because I’m very athletic. I try to go to the gym every day and I also am either taking jujutsu (M & W), tae kwon do (T, Th, S), or ballroom dance lessons (F), so I sweat, and therefore I shower (sometimes more than once a day) :-) So I don’t know if Style had the athletically fit individual in mind when he was writing up these missions.

Whatever, I will stop bitching, I will do the challenge on Monday and spend almost the whole day out and we will see what happens.