The Stylelife Challenge: Day 3 (Mission 2 of 2)

This task required me to do three out of five voice exercises that require a tape recorder and mirror. I will break them down.

Exercise # 1: Low or Soft Voice (I chose this one)

This was simple and I project well.

Exercise # 2: Fast Speech (I chose this one)

I believe that the speed at which I talk is fine based upon doing this exercise.

Exercise # 3: Brian Farts (I have been doing this one)

You are asked to remove all "ums," "you know," "like," or "watevers" from your speech. I've been working on this for awhile now and I have reduced my "ums" quite a bit, but I still say "like" and "you know" way too much.

Exercise # 4: Monotone Voice

I don't think I have one, so moved on. Monotone voices will destroy storytelling.

Exercise # 5: Statements that Sound Like Questions

I don't do this at all, though I am invovled with a girl that does and it drives me crazy. It demonstrates lack of confidence, as though you are not sure of what you are saying and you are asking the person you are speaking to to validate your last statement.