The Stylelife Challenge: Day 3 (Mission 3 of 3)

I attempted to complete Mission 3 of Day 3, but was unsuccessful.

The mission requires me to call strangers randomly and ask for a movie recommendation. The mission even comes with a script to say. It requires 3 movie recommendations.

I began the mission at 7:45PM. Maybe it was too late in the day to start it. I dialed 8 numbers. Only 2 people picked up.

The first was an old man judging by his voice. He sounded friendly, but had no movie to recommend.

The second person that picked up was a woman, she sounded grumpy, and even though grumpy listed to me ask for a movie recommendation she told me she had none for me and I could tell that she hung up the phone with a grumpy thud.

I am going to try again tomorrow at around 4PM. I don’t know why this is difficult, I don’t think it posed a problem for other people attempting to complete this task. It also gave me a bit anxiety (call anxiety?), but I don’t know why, I guess I just feel weird calling a stranger for a movie recommendation, it just seems abnormal.