The Stylelife Challenge: Day 3 (Mission 3 of 3) [Update]

I had original watched some user submitted videos of their Day 3 attempt and they made it come off as easy, however, after viewing the Stylelife Forum I realize that I am not alone with the crappy results I had. Some people even had to call up to a hundred numbers to complete the challenge.

I found it interesting that there was a debate going on about cheating. Some people were calling restaurants and asking the woman who picked up for a movie recommendation. Those people claimed that back in 2006, when the Stylelife Challenge was originally posted on the web, Style provided an example of him calling and one of the examples was calling a hardware store.

The problem I have with this and others have with this is that it really doesn't fulfill the requirements of the challenge in the book version. Even though the mission asks you to dial a local number randomly, which can mean the number belongs to a private person or business, it does say that the point isn't just to talk to more strangers, but to learn how to change the course of an interaction without making the other person feel uncomfortable. Employees answering phones are SUPPOSED to be accommodating. You are a potential customer. Other than being extremely rude, they probably will not hang up on you and try to answer your questions politely. Also, they are in a setting that requires them to interact with strangers on the phone which desensitizes them to a phone call from YOU. On the other hand, calling someone at their private residence is a different story. At home, they are not expecting to talk to a stranger, they are not prepared to talk to a stranger, and they probably DO NOT want to talk to a stranger. Therefore, they will probably not be very accommodating, hence, people having to call upwards of a 100 numbers.

Even though overall, I am skeptical about the efficacy of this task to begin with, I do think it has an indirect benefit. There are so many people that I fail to call that I do know, because of the silly awkward feeling that arises when I haven't spoken to them in awhile, or we don't normally speak much on the phone. This task will hopefully make the anxiety of calling people either much less or hopefully cure it completely.