The Stylelife Challenge: Day 2 (Mission 1 of 3)

This mission asks a series of questions to set my goals. I know that I have not revealed much about myself on this particular blog, but I am the only person I know who has made a list, and it is massive, well organized, updated, and tracked of my goals in life. I keep it on my own website, with its own domain, and if people care to search for it, it comes up fairly quickly because there are few like it. Because of it I have accomplished much in my short time on this earth, but, I do not want to waste an exercise, so I will answer all the questions in this mission, but I will answer them in the narrow focus of pickup and social relationships since everything outside of that arena has been addressed by me elsewhere.

1. What three accomplishments would you like to achieve to make you happier?

One: Master the art of attraction.

Two: Master the art of comfort.

Three: Master the art of seduction.

As you can tell this is the basic breakdown of the mystery method, or rather Mystery’s M3 model. I have been using this model for a very long time and I have become increasingly better at different areas of it, but nowhere near mastering any area of it. I think it is very important to have a model to work with otherwise there is no context to anything that we learn. I will discuss this more in a future post.

2. What are the reasons these accomplishments will make you happier?

These accomplishments will make me happier because I will reach a higher level of social mastery and be able to have better control over my personal life and relationships with others.

3. What is your personal mission?

I will become a pua who will be successful with people within 3 years.

I am a very patient person and I try to set reasonable objectives. I’ve been involved in this community for the last couple of years and over the last year I have really intensified my studies. I hope that within three years I am a pua if not mpua.

4. List three specific results that will let you know that you’ve accomplished your mission.

One: I will have a vibrant social life.

Two: I will have many woman in my life.

Three: I will have a high rate of success with pickup.

5. Why are you now fully committed to pursuing your personal mission?

Because if I don’t pursue it now, I will continue to suffer over the next years and:

One: my life is finite and I am not getting younger and I do not want to die with any regrets.

Two: my ability to succeed in life is based on my drive to complete the goals I set before me and if I do not set out and accomplish these goals I will have failed myself.

Three: my ability to meet new and exciting people will be greatly diminished.

But if I do pursue it now, I will enjoy the next years and

One: my life will improve because of increased social success.

Two: my confidence will increase because of my mastery of social situations and possibly even professional situations.

Three: my life will improve because I will be able to draw quality people into it.