Approach: Crysta


LIRR Train


Average looking girl seated in a two seat and basically in an empty car, reading a fashion magazine.


5.5 - Average


“Reading anything interesting?”

Transition Question

“Where are you coming from?”






Yet another horrible interaction with a girl when sitting across from her on the LIRR. Maybe it is the physical proximity that is causing problems, but this is twice and it seems to result in these circumstances. If I am talking elsewhere with a girl or if I sit next to a girl they stop what they are doing and interact with me fairly quickly, but this girl just kept reading her magazine as we interacted, just like the last LIRR girl went about her crossword puzzle. I find it a bit rude, but besides the physical circumstances, the only other commonality between the two of them were that they were both boring as shit. They probably are so boring because they aren’t socially calibrated, but I have to also consider that I’m doing something wrong in these situations. We will have to see if it keeps happening. She works for a shoe company and since she was so interested in fashion I tried to get a clothing store recommendation out of her, but she was useless. Still have two more of those to go for Day 4 of The Stylelife Challenge.