Approach: Irena


Penn Station, NYC


Pretty girl with head phones on and holding a Snapple bottle waiting for the LIRR screen to tell her what track her train was on.


6.5 - Attractive - Very Attractive


“What is your Snapple fun fact?”

Transition Question

“Where are you coming from?”


Yes, light touching on the arm.




I have decided to basically approach any girl holding a Snapple bottle because opening them is just so darn easy. In this instance I opened and then move to my default transition question when approaching women while using public transportation, which is either “where are you coming from” or “where are you headed.” I then just bantered and built rapport. After her response from, “where are you coming from,” I asked if she works or goes to school and then delved deeper from there until the conversation was cut short by the LIRR screen telling me my track number. I think I could have number closed in this instance, but I really didn’t much care. It is all in good practice and I am expanding the venues in which I approach women. I made sure I used kino. It is becoming more and more a part of me and feels very natural at this point. I do it all the time without even thinking much about it anymore and easily escalate, especially during night game. The only time I become self conscious of it is when there is some sort of physical barrier preventing me from applying kino.