Approach: Court Reporter


LIRR Train to Long Island


An attractive girl sitting in one of the opposite seats (two seats facing two seats)


6 - Attractive


1. “Hey, How’s it going? My name is _______.”

Transition Question



Yes, handshake and light kino on leg.


Yes, Number Close


I saw her sitting by herself in a two seat which faced another two seat. I originally walked by her and sat a seat across and behind from her. I cursed myself a few times for not opening her right away and then just got up and introduced myself (see opener above) and sat down. She asked me if I was a lawyer and then we continued from there. The interaction was pretty good, however she kept texting someone throughout which I found irritating. Towards the end of the ride she asked me if I had facebook. I took this as an IOI and told her she seems cool and we should hang out some times and we swapped phones and entered in each other’s information. She lives in Long Island unlike two of the girls I’m currently seeing who live in Manhattan. I’m considering following through with this one, not sure yet, her ADD with her text messaging irritated me slightly.