Approach: Nikki


LIRR Train


Average looking girl seated in a two seat and basically in an empty car, listening to music and playing a cross word puzzle.


5 - Average


“Hey, how’s it going, what are you playing?”

Transition Question

“Where are you coming from?”






Depending what stop I get off at I either go to the last car in the train or any car is fine. When I do not have to go to the last car I normally walk the length of the train and choose an attractive girl to sit next to in a relatively full train so it isn’t awkward to sit next to her. In this instance it was the last car type of stop. The front of the train was packed, but the last car was basically empty. I sat in the three seat directly across from Nikki. She looked at me immediately since I suppose it was obvious I was going to talk to her since the area of the train was empty and there would be no other reason for me to sit where I chose to sit.

Kino was not practical, we had an aisle between us.

The conversation lasted about 45 minutes, and rapport was being built, however, she never stopped listening to music, playing her crossword puzzle, and text messaging someone the entire time. It was a little frustrating and I actually just found her to be a bit boring and rude. I had no intention of number closing or anything else for that matter, but it was good practice…especially since I haven’t opened a girl in a train in such an obvious manner yet.