Day 2 Date: Hiccups


Bar, NYC


2 Hours


6 – Attractive (Cute)



Future Plans

Yes, Tentative


I had my Day 2 with Hiccups. We went to a bar for a couple of drinks. We started off sitting across from each other but I wanted to be able to kino so I remedied the situation by first finding a reason to sit to her left and then later on find a reason to sit next to her.

Her friend called her about an hour and a half in and told her she would be there in twenty minutes. Her friend was staying the night for an interview in the city the next day and wasn’t expected to come in until later that night.

I kissed Hiccups but she felt shy. Her reasonging was that the venue was more of a restaurant than a bar and she felt self conscious of people looking at us.

I walked her to where her friend was going to pick her up and she asked me to kiss her before her friend came so it wouldn’t look awkward and then it seemed like she wanted to kiss again when the friend did actually come but I just hugged her instead.

The evening went very well overall, there was plenty of banter, we were in deep rapport, and there was plenty of kino, and we talked about getting together next week. We’ll see. I’m going out with a different girl on Thursday so no pressure with anyone.