FR: Kiss Close: Hiccup Girl

I was at a friend’s party at a bar in New York City last night. It was an okay night so far, just one phone number and around 12:30AM I was about to switch to another bar where another friend was having a party. As a side note, I had absolutely nothing to drink the entire night.

While on the line to the coat check a pretty girl opened me. She was telling me it was her friend’s birthday and I chatted with them for a few seconds but they seemed a little out of it from drinking.

I continued toward the coat check and a few seconds later I ended up in front of a cute third girl from that group and she immediately started touching me and talking to me. She was completely all over me.

We chatted for a little bit and then one of the bar employees told us the wall we were using was only for waiting on the line for the coat check so I took the girl by the hand and walked her to a sitting area and sat down, thereby isolating her from her friends.

Within a second of sitting down she started making out with me. I seriously had to do almost nothing. I just had a strong frame, made sure I kept the kino high, and led the interaction as much as was needed.

The funny part about the whole thing was that she had the hiccups and every few seconds she would hiccup and we would both laugh hysterically. We exchanged numbers, made out some more, but I had another party to go to. I told her that and that I would give her a call and she got so upset with me. She told me year right. She completely thought I was rejecting her.

I actually think that she wanted me to go home with her. I got a text from her around 2 am and I responded around 3 am telling her that it was nice meeting her and for her to have a good night. I referred to her as hiccups in the text.

From meet to make out lasted maybe 5 – 10 minutes.