Rating Girls

I have heard differing views in the community on whether or not it is appropriate to rate girls. I have always rated girls and will continue to do so. My scale is a tad bit different from most and I have posted it permanently on the left of this page. I will refer to it in my Approach, Field, and Lay Reports. I do not think it is demeaning to women and I find it very helpful for myself to compare the attractiveness of different women and also for others to have a better understanding of who I am interacting with. Women can also be described by different adjectives, such as cute, pretty, hot, etc. I think these mean something and perhaps I will add definitions as well.

Just so everyone understands, I will sleep with a five and higher. My preference is a 6.5 and above. To me, a girl above a 6.5 is without a doubt attractive.

Personality does play a large role in ratings. A girls rating will go up or down depending on her personality, therefore a girl I don’t speak with will probably have a higher rating than had I actually communicated with her since most women lose points.

I’m not sure if there is a 10 out there, but to me a 10 is the perfect woman and I am doubtful of her existence. Such a person would need to have all the qualities I look for, that is physical, mental, and spiritually.

The Rating System

I am very strict with this scale. No one has yet obtained a 10. What most people consider a 10 is more like a 7 - 7.5 on my scale.

10 – Perfect (We all have flaws, it is doubtful a true 10 exists or ever did exist, but you never know)
09 – Almost Perfect (At this point it is no longer just about physical attractiveness, personality definetly comes into play)
08 – Beautiful
07 – Very Attractive
06 – Attractive
05 – Average
04 – Unattractive
03 – Very Unattractive
02 – Hideous
01 – Road Kill