Approach: College Drop Out


LIRR Train to Brooklyn


An attractive girl got on at my stop and the car was empty.


6.5 - Attractive


1. “Hey, is that the Governor's Prostitute?"

Transition Question

“Where are you headed?”


Yes, Handshake


Attempted # Close


I saw an attractive girl reading a newspaper on the platform waiting for the LIRR. When we entered the car it was empty. She sat down in a three seat and I sat one row back, across from her. I saw she opened her newspaper and was looking at the photos of the governor’s prostitute. I got up and asked her if those were pictures of the Governor’s prostitute and she said they were and I asked if she didn’t mind if I took a look and I sat down next to her. We chatted a bit about the Governor’s situation and bantered a bit, then I transitioned to “where are you headed?” She told me she was going to work, a place her aunt owned in the city. I began building rapport and I noticed we were coming to Jamaica, where I would be transferring to a different train so I told her that she seemed cool and let’s swap numbers, and that is when she told me she had a boyfriend. I think I could have still number closed, but I was out of time, I had to get off the train, so I ejected. I figure that since she takes the same train as me I may run into her again and take it from there, but it was good practice :-)


Nomadding Nina

July 14, 2022 at 1:15 PM

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