Date: College Intern


New York City




1) Her Place
2) Bakery
3) Another Bakery
4) Her Place
5) Pool Hall
6) Her Place


6 – Attractive (Cute)

Total Time to Date


Mystery Method Model Status



I met up at College Intern at her dorm around 7pm and took her to a cupcake bakery. The plan was the same was with Hiccups, except there was a hiccup. Her suitemates wanted cupcakes so that meant we had to go back to her dorm, which was a hassle. I ended up taking her to two different cupcake bakeries and we did a taste test, it was fun and a bit different from the date with Hiccups, though Hiccups was way more fun. We went back to her dorm for a few minutes to drop off the cupcakes and then headed to the pool hall, had a drink each and then played an hour of pool. We then headed back up to her place, at which point we made out a little, I felt her up a little again and again she kicked me out saying it was past her bed time. She didn’t offer to pay for anything during the night and I footed the bill. I have to say, the date concept was solid – cupcake bakery to pool hall, but I’m thinking they can both stand on their own.

Honestly though, this is getting old, and quickly. This girl is way too shy and timid and this whole past her bedtime nonsense is really silly. She has a midterm next week and then is gone for spring break for two weeks, so I won’t see her for a bit, which I couldn’t really care less. She gets one more shot and nothing more. I will hang out with her again, a third time at 7 and plan something really small, probably a movie and takeout, and that is absolutely it. Make sure I’m locked into her place. If this doesn’t escalate and I get a bedtime line again, I’m just walking. I’m not courting this girl to get married or be my girlfriend, if she puts out we can have a fun and exciting relationship, if she doesn’t, she can go hang out with someone else.


Vincent Niko

March 9, 2008 at 11:38 PM

I am pretty sure if things have escalated that far, she'll sleep with you in due time. I wonder what is triggering her last minute resistance. In this case, I would agree that I have to get up early tomorrow and continue turning her on physically until she rips my clothes off. Maybe talk to her dirty about how she turns you on. It will induce her to get more sexual. Well good luck! 3 weeks is a long time. You'd probably have a first date with a stranger by then.

Johnny Wolf

March 11, 2008 at 3:30 AM

Cupcake bakeries are great places to take girls. Good job =)

Vincent Niko

March 11, 2008 at 8:08 PM

Lol. Sounds a bit cramped in there but I could see the laptop movie working.

I know what you mean about getting stuck in the same spot after shelling out money. Feels like it was all for nothing. Haha. Then again maybe your motives are too clear and she doesnt wanna feel slutty. Who knows.

Keep me updated. Taboo girl says she doesnt mind coming to Brooklyn. =)