Date: Hiccups (BJ Report)


New York City




1) Her Place
2) Bakery
3) Pool Hall
4) Bar
5) Her Place
6) Breakfast


6 – Attractive (Cute)

Total Time to Date


Mystery Method Model Status



I met up at Hiccups apartment around 7pm and took her to a cupcake bakery and then headed over to a pool hall followed by a bar. I had way too much to drink and we both spent way too much money, mostly one liquor. Go back to her place and clothes started coming off, the only problem was that I had drank way too much and had technical difficulties, so there was no way we were going to be able to have sex. Even without getting fully hard she gave me a blow job and I came, but it just sucked. Note to self…stay sober. I had this happen once before, it just is really frustrating and obviously I’m an idiot if I do it again. I stayed over her place and went at a second go in the morning, which I thought was a mistake to do, because again I couldn’t really get hard. I should have waited until later in the morning.

Overall I really enjoyed my time with her, she is cute and fun and we have very good rapport. I also think that our dates need to get shorter…too much time and money is spent out.