Date: Hiccups


New York City


4.5 hrs


1) Her Place
2) Pizza Place
3) Bar
4) Comedy Show
5) Her Place


6 – Attractive (Cute)

Total Time to Date


Mystery Method Model Status

C2 – C3


Last night I had a second date with hiccups. We grabbed a slice a pizza, went to a bar for a few drinks and then to a sketch comedy show. This is the first time I was in her place. I had just gotten off of work and I had a portfolio with me and made sure I left it at her place, along with my tie for a legitimate reason to have to go back there later. She hadn’t had dinner yet so we grabbed a slice of pizza (I paid), and then went to a bar (she paid), then headed to a sketch comedy show (I pre-paid), and then headed back to her place. I wasn’t able to escalate physically to the degree I wanted because her and her roommate were heading over to a friend’s place in New Jersey to spend the night and get an early start of St. Patrick’s Day. This is the second time she has had something occurring immediately after we’ve hung out which is odd, though I do not think intentional.

We have extremely good rapport, I find her attractive and she is a lot of fun. So far I am still pretty interested in her, no signs of any instability and nothing obvious that would disqualify her, so I’m going to arrange a third date.


Vincent Niko

March 1, 2008 at 1:27 PM

Hey dude, looks like we are both on the same path. Cool blog. It inspires me to do the same. I'll update mine as soon as I get along with my AA.

As for my post, I felt like I've once again failed completing a set goal. Failing to do approaches when determined to do so. No worries though.

I'm in it for the long haul and as soon as it gets warmer. I'll be chatting up a storm. -=)

Congrats on the day 3. Sounds like a keeper.