Dating Update: Hiccups & College Intern

I have had really no contact with Hiccups since the last date. She is Jewish, I accidently sent her a Happy Easter on Sunday and I received a reply. I sent her a text message saying, “Hey Sleeping Beauty ;-)” on Wednesday, around mid day, but I did not receive a response. She didn’t respond to my midweek text last week, but I had called her in the evening anyhow and made plans, but this time I chose not to because I really believe she intentionally did not respond. I have no idea what is going on with her. I know she made an event on facebook for her birthday coming up at the end of April and I wasn’t invited, but I am not reading into that.

I feel we have kind have fallen into the dating frame a bit too much and I really lost a lot of interest in her after the last date. I’m putting all contact with her on hold from my end unless I receive some sort of response from her until I message her a happy birthday on her birthday. At least that is the plan for now, unless any of my wonderful readers wish to chime in and encourage me otherwise or something else develops.

The fact that she went on vacation two weeks ago messed up my rhythm. We were seeing each other every weekend and I wanted to insert an artificial break, but her vacation kinda threw a wrench into that for me and created a break that I would have preferred to have control over. Now I’m just trying to refrain from sending unnecessary texts or calling her so I don’t come off as needy in any way.

College Intern

This one is acting bizarre. We had spoken before her spring break and everything was fine. I texted her during the week (two weeks ago). No response, I called in the evening and left a message, no return call. This past week I messaged her on Wednesday midday, we went back and forth a couple of times, I called her in the evening, but she didn’t pickup and I decided I wasn’t in the mood for her either and hung up without leaving a message. I get a text on Friday from her apologizing for not calling me back and that she was swamped with stuff and would talk to me soon. I’m kinda feeling that she is very inexperienced with men and I’m losing interest in her as well. I decided to do the same thing as I’m doing with Hiccups and just cutting off contact until she decides to pick up the phone or text message me, unless for whatever reason I decide otherwise. The end result though in both cases is that I am definitely refusing any contact towards them without something first for a minimum of two weeks and then I will reevaluate my decision to see if I want to drop them completely.


Vincent Niko

March 31, 2008 at 10:24 PM

Thanks! It feels good to finally get all that tension and mystery out. =)

I'm not sure if I would persuade you to keep contact or not but I've been in this situation before. Usually it ends up as a lost contact and even harder to re-build that once gained rapport.

My advice would be David D's "Never let the line go slack." Only if you were interested to begin with. I'm unsure of your attraction level for them but I believe the two weeks vacation was a good amount of time already without you. Why lengthen it even more?

I get the feeling you want to test their attraction by waiting for them to initiate contact. That's cool but I dont think playing hard to get would be the decision to win in this case. Worst case scenario is you drift off to that guy who I had a good time with but he never called.

I would start the whole interactions as new and amp that attraction up to show why they continued befriending you in the first place. Again, thats if you want to put in the legwork and sleep with these beauties. =)

A sample text I would send would be - Miss me!? =). Lets get together and grab some goodies this Wednesday or Thursday. Not sure if that fits your style but I hope these words help make your decision.

Keep me updated!