Dating Update: Hiccups

I talked on the phone with Hiccups tonight. It was a 15 minute conversation. I should have gotten off at 10, but I don’t think any real damage was done, just wasteful unnecessary conversation. I have made plans with her for Saturday evening.

The date plan you ask?

It is an Off-Off Broadway production written and directed by a former acting teacher of mine. The tickets come out to thirty dollars total. The play will either be brilliant or horrendous, but I get to see an old friend in the process that will soon be leaving New York.

But Yummy, what about after the show?

I want to keep away from alcohol after the previous date with Hiccups involved some technical difficulty with my equipment. How embarrassing! So I say just coffee at Star Bucks and then off to her place ;-) or in the alternative, just right back to her place :-) I’m not sure how long the show is (hopefully not interminably long), so it all depends on how we feel.