Product Review: Get the Girl by Mehow

I have read a few pickup books and I have always found the Venusian Arts Handbook by Mystery to be, by far, the best seduction book I’ve ever read. Get the Girl by Mehow is the closest in quality and detail that has so far come to the Venusian Arts Handbook and I recommend it to beginners and advanced students of seduction. It covers everything, from the very beginning to the very end of seduction. Almost every question and hole I had remaining in my understanding and knowledge base of seduction was answered and filled by Mehow and I recommend this product to everyone reading this.

The organization was very well done as well as the presentation. It is a very professional looking product as are most of his products.

The chapters are as follows:

1) Pickup Theory
2) Opening with “The Social Opener”
3) Three Minute Attraction
4) Comfort
5) Contingencies and Interrupts
6) Phone Game
7) The Day 2

And of course each chapter is broken down into much smaller sections. The entire book is 156 pages and is chock full of not only theory but also plenty of examples. You also have the added benefit of seeing him use his own material in field through hidden cameras by watching clips from his Infield Insider product on You Tube, his website ( or by ordering his actual products.