Sexual Endurance

Having sexual endurance is important, no guy wants to be a 1 minute man and no girl wants to be with one.

In the 60+ days since I’ve stopped masturbating I have noticed that my sexual endurance has decreased.

However, I don’t think it is physical, but rather I think it is psychological.

I find that at this point I have almost no urge to look at pornography or masturbate. However, when I have sex now I have a strong desire to be satisfied whereas when I had been masturbating I was not in any rush. Because of this I believe I haven’t been taking my time in the sack resulting in unimpressive performances.

I now have to consciously and deliberately take it extremely slow in the beginning.

The great thing is though that I noticed as long as I can get past the five minute mark I can go for almost as long as I want (20 + minutes). I think the nerve endings at that point become slightly desensitized or something and I am able to go as fast and as hard as I want with almost no risk of coming without my say so. I have also been doing Kegel Exercises for the last month and my orgasms have been more intense. Here is a link for more information on Kegel Exercises and their benefits: