Social Updates

Other than girls I am involved with--Hiccups, College Intern, and my Primary (we will name her Munchkin)--there are two girls in my life that I am interested in.

One I with and also take a class with and another I am very close friends with who also takes classes with me. The one I work with will be graduating at the end of this semester and that is when I will pursue her, however the other one who I am very close friends with also goes to the school I go to and she is not graduating until I do.

She just broke up with her boyfriend and I am very very hesitant to push it above the level we are already at simply because I have become involved in a relationship with someone at school in the past and that resulted in disaster. Right now I am very physical with her, very flirty, and have given her a very sexual nickname that I call her by (Sex Muffin-which she shall forevermore be called on this blog). She doesn't discourage any of my behavior but in my opinion enjoys it. I think she herself is hesitant with me because she knows about Hiccups, College Intern, and Munchkin and also that I go out and meet new girls all the time.

Other than the above two girls, there is really no one else on the horizon. I continue to approach girls. Right now in regards to technique and game I am focusing on improving my approaching and want to branch it out to more diverse situations and types of openers.