Update: Court Reporter

Court Reporter was a girl I met on the LIRR two weeks ago and who I number closed. We texted back and forth briefly and I said “Lets get together later next week.” She never responded and I forgot all about her.

Then yesterday I receive this text:
“Hey im sorry I didn’t answer or tell u but I have a boyfriend and that mite b weird if I hang out w some random guy u know”

I ignored it for a few hours and then responded:

Me: “Well, alright, that’s cool…he can, like, cook for us and we can have a nice dinner ;-P”
Her: “Haha noo Ive been w him a while now lol.”
Me: “Ah well, he doesn’t cook then, but im sure he can at least manage some pop tarts;-)”
Her: “Uhh ok ha”

Now I thought she was boring when I first met her and just continued the interaction and attempting to set up the Day 2 for practice, but I found this text message very interesting and am having trouble understanding why she sent it.

It seems like it is an IOI that she sent it and I’m skeptical if there is even a boyfriend to begin with, and notice how she said it might be weird to hang out, but she didn’t say she wouldn’t.

I have no idea what to do with this but I’m curious to see if I can turn this into a meet up just for fun, to see if I can work it.

Any suggestions?


Vincent Niko

March 17, 2008 at 10:49 PM

I agree that its an IOI whenever the girl takes the initiative after a silent period. She probably tested you to see if you would get deterred if she mentioned a boyfriend.

Banter was a good choice but you might have overgamed - I would switch it up and would invite her to grab drinks as friends.

Feel it out. If she is consistently sending IOI's - break the taboo and escalate kino. =)