VH1’s The Pickup Artist: Season 2 – It’s Official

I received an e-mail from The Venusian Arts and VH1 will be continuing The Pickup Artist into a second season. They are doing an online casting call at http://pickupartist2casting.com/ where anyone can basically try out in a 10 week online competition to be voted (by us internet users) to be one of the eight participants on the show that will air in the fourth quarter of 2008. The show will be an 8 week season and the end result will be the last man standing being named Master Pick-Up Artist and receiving 50k.

I enjoyed season 1 but I honestly do not believe that the community will ever become main stream. I have said it before and I will say it again, people will always be skeptical of this stuff actually working and for it to work requires such dedication and effort that most people won’t bother, it runs contrary to most peoples’ desire for an immediate fix. That is why the stay of most visitors to the community is so short…they just want that one pickup line that will do the trick…that one great opener, and they aren’t willing to put in the effort for anything more, so their visit is short.

I just hope that this season has all AFCs that would otherwise have not the slightest chance. Last season’s final two obviously were just decent looking guys who needed some help. Let those idiots fend for themselves, I want to see beauty and the geek style guys on this season. And they should really try hard this time to weed out any wannabe actors, it just adds unnecessary controversy to the show.