Approach: Cheerleader 2 Set


An Studio in NYC


Shy Guy and I on an elevator with 2 Set


7.0 – Very Attractive
6.0 – Attractive


“Were you guys auditioning for something or taking a class?”

Transition Question

“You look exhausted”






Shy Guy and I just got done with a seminar and went to wait for an elevator. While waiting a 2 Set came to wait for the elevator also. Shy Guy asked me how can we open them. We got in the elevator and the 2 Set were talking about auditions and I opened them with “Were you guys auditioning for something.” HB 7 said no it was a rehearsal and I asked what kind and it was for cheerleading for a sports team. I made notice that it was pretty late for an audition and HB 7 agreed and I looked at HB 6 and said that she looked exhausted. The elevator got to the first floor and at that point I needed to decide what I wanted to do. I believe I could have continued the interaction very easily, but Shy Guy is very new to all of this. He had just recently read the game and I had just begun the Venusian Arts Handbook. Also, the seminar we went to was the first community seminar he has been to. I just didn’t think he was ready for it so I wished them a good night and we went our separate ways.