Approach: Union Square Dancing Chick


Union Square


Girl sitting by herself on the stairs.


5.5 - Average


“What song are you snapping your fingers to?”

Transition Question

After responding to my opener, she transitioned to, “It’s a really nice day out.” In which I said, “Yea, what brings you out here on this nice day?”


Yes, light kino on the arm and the leg




I saw her sitting by herself so I came and sat down pretty close next to her. I think she knew I was going to opener her since she kept looking at me, but I had a brain fart. Anyway, about a minute after sitting down she begins to snap her fingers so I situationally open her. She transitioned for me and then we proceeded to have an interaction that lasted about 45 minutes at which point I decided to bail. She was very nice, not bad looking, and interesting, but not my type. I decided not to close. I always feel bad when I close and don’t call so I just don’t bother to with the ones I’m really not interested in. By the way, she gets the name Union Square Dancing Chick because of the location + her occupation.