Approach: Yogurt Splenda Girl


LIRR Train to Long Island


Girl sitting in a 3 seat eating yogurt.


6.0 – Attractive


“Excuse me, Are you eating yogurt?”

Transition Question







I sat in a 2 seat on the LIRR, parrellel to HB 6 in the window seat of a 3 seat. I noticed that she was eating what looked like yogurt and she started pouring packets of Splenda into the yogurt. I had never seen anyone do that before and I actually thought it a bit bizarre, but also interesting. I thought about it for a moment and then reaching over with my arm and tapped her seat with my hand and said, “Excuse me, are you eating yogurt?” She said she was and I asked if she had just poured Splenda into it and she again said yes and I told her I had never seen anyone do that before, and inquired if it was something she does regularly. She told me it was and then proceeded to attempt to explain to me that she only buys non processed sugar free yogurt and as a result it has no flavor and she adds the Splenda to basically make it eat edible.

She seemed very nervous and shy and she began to tell me she tries to eat healthy and began qualifying herself to me by trying to tell me she really is normal. At this point I needed to make a decision, did I want to pursue this or swap seats to her 3 seat and advance the interaction.

I chose not to. She was really nervous, it was hard to hear her, and there was something about her that turned me off to her…perhaps just a combination of things.