Dating Update: Hiccups

Okay, so Hiccups is done. Very weird behavior. I left the voice mail a little after 7pm. I was on AIM around 7:40 and noticed her signed on, but even though I added her I never messaged her since I just didn't feel there was ever a need to, but I noticed her away messaged said something along the lines of CREEPED OUT, LOCKED IN MY APARTMENT ALL ALONE. Or something like that. I thought it was a bit odd. Anyway, I went on Facebook around 11pm and noticed that I'm no longer a facebook friend of hers. I thought that it was odd, so I did a search for her name, nothing came up and then I realized...she must have blocked my account. Now, I find all this completely bizzare since I have never done anything that should come off the least bit "creepy." I am fairly confident that no one but one person I know personally knows of this blog, so I'm pretty sure she did not run across it. So I'm left wondering what the hell was that all about, seriously. I wish there was like a debrief session with women after the fact, because I do not give a crap if attraction died out at some point, but I do care if there was something I actually did to creep a girl out, unless of course the whole creeped out away message was completely unrelated to her removing me from facebook simply because she was no longer interested, but still, just very bizzare. Anyone with a different perspective perhaps?


Vincent Niko

April 8, 2008 at 12:39 AM

Hmmmmm. I have no idea. Girls with inconsistent behavior actually creep me out! Lol. =)

Sometimes girls just dont make any sense. I would blame it on a rash decision based on her emotions at that moment. I've done something similar by telling a girl off and then deleting her number and myspace. However, I was under the influence of rage and alcohol. =/

Either way, I wouldnt look into it too much as it is a done deal. File it under unknown immaturity and move on to something more rewarding. =)