Dating Update: Hiccups & College Intern

I decided to send text messages to both girls on Sunday. The only one that replied was Hiccups. It went back and forth a few times and then I went dead air. I called her this evening (a little bit after 7pm) and left a message. That is all she wrote. I dunno, I’ve more or less written both girls off, simply because I just stopped feeling them. I need to start approaching more, I kind have been in a bit of a lull, I don’t know why. I just haven’t been focused I guess. I do think that these two girls are salvageable, but it is one of those whatever situations. Everything is still going good with Munchkin, I’m hosting a party with her at my place in a couple of weeks, about 7-10 people are coming. I’ll talk about me and hosting parties and gatherings more in a future post.