Media Coverage of PUAs: Ross Jeffries & Savoy on Dr. Phil

An episode of the Dr. Phil Show featuring Ross Jeffries and Savoy from The Mystery Method (Now Love Systems) is airing this Friday, April 11th. Here is a description of the show taken from the Dr. Phil website:

Women beware: Men are on the prowl! Some guys win your heart and dupe you for
thousands of dollars, while other men learn the slick techniques of pick-up
artists so they can get you in the sack! Go inside a classroom where single men
are being taught The Mystery Method -- a step-by-step technique on how to meet,
attract and date beautiful women. The founders say their method teaches guys to
be more confident. When the students hit the bars, will The Mystery Method help
them land a lady? What do the women think of their techniques? Then, meet Ross
Jeffries, the self-proclaimed "Father of Seduction." He says he’s taught
thousands of men to seduce women through language. Now he fears that he’s
created monsters, because many of his followers are seducing woman through
deception, and he says that’s exactly what The Mystery Method is all about. A
heated debate ensues between Ross and the creators of The Mystery Method, Nick
and Scott. Is Ross’ technique actually as benign as he claims? And, Victoria
says she fell in love for the first time with a guy whom who she thought was the
perfect man, until he she says he ended up scamming her out of $100,000. Did
Victoria miss the warning signs? How can she pick up the pieces of her broken
heart and move on? If you’re a lady looking for love but don't want to find
heartache, you won’t want to miss this show!

I will post a review following the airing.



April 9, 2008 at 11:32 AM

Interesting post, i linked to you from my

I think that episode might bring out the rage in people and give pua publicity, but not the good one that we would hope for. Will wait and see i guess.