Seminar: Glenn on Opening & Transitioning

I attended a seminar on Opening & Transitioning hosted by Eric Disco of Approach Anxiety and Glenn from Brad P’s company on Thursday, April 10. I never heard of Glenn before, but I was very familiar with Eric’s website. I thought the seminar was excellent and while almost none of the material was new to me it was definitely a very nice refresher and I did learn a couple of things that I did not know before. Both Glenn and Eric were very personable and very willing to give their time. After the seminar concluded they both stayed for a very long time fielding questions. Neither of them really pitched purchasing products from either of them and that made me respect them both even more.

To learn more about Eric Disco, you can visit his website at:

To learn more about Glenn, you can visit Brad P’s website at:


Vincent Niko

April 18, 2008 at 12:36 AM

What a coincidence. I was there too! My friend Hyper invited me so I said why the hell not? I was the guy in the red shirt sitting on the stool. Haha.