Social Circle Game: Added Cast of Characters - A Social Update

In this update I am going to introduce a few new characters. I have been interacting with new females almost on a daily basis and am working towards expanding my social circle. One thing I normally like to do with females in my life is make them options that I can cash in on later. That means that I build the attraction, rapport and kino to the point where the next step is a hook-up but I keep it at that level for whatever reason (generally because they go to school or work with me and I don't want to deal with fallout).

Sex Muffin

This is a girl that I'm close friends with at school. There is lots of sexual teasing, we have excellent rapport and kino. I discussed her in the past on this blog, but I don't believe I've given her a nickname. By the way, that is her actual nickname...that is what I call her. We hang out a lot in school and we've hung out outside of school on several occasions with another girl who we spend a lot of time with as a group but this summer I'm going to change gears and go for one on one get togethers and possibly, depending if I feel comfortable with it, escalate from there.

Fake Tattoo Girl

This is a new girl I met a couple of days ago. She is pretty cute, and she is graduating this semester, so she is fair game. I call her fake tattoo girl because she was wearing one last night. I told her I thought it was a cool tattoo and she told me it was fake so I began teasing her about it. I felt there was chemistry there, we'll see.

Two Conversations Girl

This is a girl I've been attracted to for awhile, but every time I hang out with her I feel like we are having two different conversations, even when we are technically having the same one. I really don't think she listens to what another person is saying but is too focused on what she is saying. I have no idea what I want to do with this girl. When I don't hang out with her one on one, my interest level raises, but then when I hang out with her she shoots it to shit with the whole two conversation thing.


This is a girl that I flirt with constantly, there is very good rapport and strong kino both ways. We call each other Smoochy and I think she is a blast. We role play and all kinds of stuff, but the sad part is, she has oral herpes. So, I won't touch that. I am like super scared of getting an STD from a girl. My friend has hooked up with her and told me that everything is fine if she doesn't have an out break, but I don't know, to me, it just has No Go written all over it.

Korean Cutie

There is a Korean girl who I flirt with all the time. I know she is totally into me, but she is really good friends with several of my other friends and I am very hesitant to hang out alone with her because I don't want issues to arise with those other friends. I may hang out with her in the summer when if something does go wrong, I'm not seeing those other friends almost every day.


So those are just some of the girls I've been interacting with. Many of them I will be inviting to my social gatherings as time goes on as well, so that should be interesting. I will be using those nicknames to refer to them in the future, especially expect reports if things escalate. I'm out.