Social Circle Game: Planning Events & Gatherings

Part of social development is becoming the leader of your social groups. I feel that I have been so-so in this department. Several months ago I organized a 10 cent Wings Night and we all had a blast and I've been asked by those there when we were going to do it again. That was the first and last real social gathering I organized. I never did another simply because I was being lazy. A couple of months ago I hosted an Ultimate Fighting Championship night and had a couple of friends come over, which was also pretty fun. I then decided I had a pretty nice apartment and I knew quite a bit of people, it is time to get things moving. For April I am hosting an Ultimate Fighting Championship Party (so far I have 7 people definetly coming, including myself there are 6 guys and 2 girls, and a possible third girl might be attending) and I have just invited 12 people for a Wings Night at the end of May. From this moment forth I plan on having at least one if not two events per month.