Social Circle Game: Saturday’s Party Was A Blast

I threw my first party at my apartment on Saturday night. It was a tremendous success. A total of nine people came (6 guys, 3 girls). Everything went according to plan. The party began at 7pm. Basically everyone was there by 7:30 and we ordered Pizza around 8. I had party mix out and one of the girls brought chips, home made dip, two boxes of donuts, and cookies. I was well stocked up on liquor, coronas, and mikes hard lemonade. I charged each person five dollars to help with the costs and told them to bring their own beer. The Beer Pong Tournament began around eight and everyone had a blast. We had ordered the Ultimate Fighting Championship fight on PPV and that began at 10 and at that time we all had enough to drink and just enjoyed the fights. The evening ended around 1am. Overall it was a tremendous success.

For next month I have sent out invites to a Wings Night and I’m going to do another UFC event also a few days later. I do not think my apartment can hold more than 15 people, so I have to be smart about who I invite and what kind of parties I’m holding. I do want to eventually get the events at least 50/50 in terms of the gender ratio, if not slightly more girls than guys, but that will depend on the events themselves. Obviously a UFC event is not going to draw as many girls as a BBQ (which I will do over the summer). I’m also thinking about organizing a game of Dodge Ball :-)