FR: 17 Set Opened By My Pivot


Local Bar


17 Set at a local bar with approximately equal number girl/guy ratio.


5 – 6.5 There were 2 girls I would consider attractive out of the group.


Pivot: “Hey, what are you drinking?”


Pivot: “Hey, ___________, this is Yummy.”


Yes tons, but nothing sexual. Lower back touching, upper back touching, knee, and leg touching, arm and hand touching.


2 # Closes


Me and my Pivot [in training], Munchkin Brain decided to check out a local bar that we have never been to that is in walking distance. We actually assumed it would be dead so we decided to pregame having 4 shots each. We were super drunk and did the walk to the bar. When we walked in we were actually pretty surprised. It was all a young crowd, maybe thirty or so people, equal number guys and girls. There was lots of empty space. We immediately sat in two empty seats at the bar and I opened a guy next to me. Apparently I was in the seat of two of his friends so we went to sit on two stools against the wall and people watch for a little while. There were basically two sets, each set was divided further into two more (basically the guys and girls of each group had segregated themselves from each other). It was one of those bars that when you walk in, the right side of the bar was the actual bar with stools all lined up and right across from it was a railing against the wall with more stools. Everyone was against the bar, we were up against the railing, and the “unattractive” set was to the left, and the “attractive” set to the right. The unattractive set would have been easy to open, but as I just said, they were unattractive, both the guys and the girls.

The social dynamics of the group I wanted to approach was too complex for me at the time, especially since I was already shit faced and still drinking. One of the girls separated from the group to order a drink. I said to Munchkin Brain that I was going to approach, she said that she wanted to, so I told her to go over to her and scoot in between the guy next to her that was part of the unattractive set and her and then say, “Hey, how’s it going, what kind of drink are you ordering?” They interacted for about two minutes and then the girl rejoined her set. I came in between where the girl sat and where Munchkin Brain was and told her that she did a fantastic job and now it was time to re-open and introduce me so we can blow the set wide open. I had Munchkin Brain lightly tap the girl on the left elbow when she wasn’t interacting with anyone (I wanted to make it as easy as possible for my Pivot to re-open) and I pretended to be unaware that she was even talking to her again, I then turned my attention to them and was introduced and then I took it from there.

I learned that a portion of the group was from Scotland and the rest were from here and they were all coworkers. I learned they are regulars at this bar and as each new person interacted with this one girl I brought them into this newly created set in which I was the leader. Eventually I had four girls plus my pivot in this new set. At this point one of the girls bought Munchkin Brain and I drinks (her two drinks) and we all were having a blast and getting totally shit faced. After the shots we separated and decided to game individual girls in the set. We both eventually made our way through all the girls but 1 and 3 of the guys out of this 17 Person set. My Pivot # closed two of the girls, one who was the most attractive out of the lot.

Conclusions and What I learned

This is a new section I decided to add to these Field Reports.

Since Munchkin Brain and I didn’t expect anyone to even be in the bar I was not looking my best, lol. I haven’t shaved in days, I am in dire need of a haircut, and I was wearing a plane black t-shirt. All that aside, I had a blast and I learned some important things.

The first is that using Charisma Art’s one cold approach technique does in fact work. At the point we opened the 17 set it had fractured into smaller sets. We just kept transitioning from mini-set to mini-set and merging sets in the process back into each other. It was fun.

The second has to do with improvements in my game as a result of RSD. Since I have been studying the material from Real Social Dynamics (RSD) (a review of their Foundations product is forthcoming) I have learned that there are parts of my game that were weaker than I thought and I feel I have learned a tremendous amount from Tyler and have modified my interactions in certain venues a bit. One thing I am working on is ramping up attractive with girls. One way of doing that is through teasing and I last night was a perfect example of where I teased a girl and the increase in attraction was instantaneous and wonderful. There were two attractive girls in the set, this was one of them and I teased her and she took a step back, turned read, went to hit me but saw my Pivot was in the set with me and didn’t know what to do (I don’t think she knows what our relationship is) so she stopped short, but it was obvious that the attraction level got bumped up a couple of notches. As a result of RSD I have been trying to focus more on understanding Vibing better, when to use wide rapport v. deep rapport (since I was always a deep rapport guy, but Tyler has shown me that there are different ways of looking at things) and ramping up attraction early on and hooking easier. Anyhow, that is it for now :-)

Product Review: Love System's Magic Bullets by Savoy

Magic Bullets by Savoy (Love Systems) is a pretty decent book. The e-book is just under 200 pages. The first half was very informative and filled in some missing holes in my knowledge base. Love Systems claims they use a system called the “Emotional Progression Model” but in reality it is just the M3 Model with perhaps arguably some slight tweaks. Therefore there wasn’t a tremendous amount of new information if you’ve already read Mystery’s VAH. However, I must say that their chapter on Attraction was excellent. All that being said, sadly, shortly after the half way point the quality of the material and the depth of the subject matter began to decrease. I did learn relevant things, but a significant amount of it, perhaps even most of it, left much to be desired. For example, the chapter on Day game was utterly horrendous and offered very little substantive content. Overall, I think that an aspiring PUA can live without it, but it doesn’t hurt to read and there is some very relevant insight and information in the book.

My PUA Handbook: It's Evolution and Current Status

I have been writing my PUA Handbook in some form or another since the beginning of 2006. When I first started becoming involved with the community, I took NO notes. I went through The Game, The VAH, and several other products without writing much of anything and I realized I didn’t retain as much as I wanted either. I started taking sporadic notes in the beginning of 2006 and eventually those notes become more detailed but they were very disorganized. Some documents had lists of openers, others lists of negs, others descriptions of concepts, but my game suffered because I had no structure regardless of what I read or what I tried to implement in field. So, last year I decided to organize what I knew in a very hardcore manner by taking meticulous notes on EVERYTHING I read, watched, listened to, and experienced (in field). I even went back to those past products and reconsumed them to take the notes I should have the first time around. Now at this point I have 163 pages to my PUA Handbook, single placed, and footnoted up the wazoo. Every sentence that is not original from my head (with is approx. 99.5% is footnoted so I can support my information. I only put information in that I either know from experience works and is true or I am very confident is accurate.

My chapter format runs like this:

(01) Introduction
(02) [Attraction] Approaching & Opening
(03) [Flirting] Banter, Negs, & Teasing
(04) [Comfort] Rapport & Storytelling
(05) [Closing] Phone & Text Game
(06) [Seduction] Kino, Foreplay, Sex, Physical Escalation
(07) Day 2s & Dating
(08) Relationships & MLTRs
(09) Boyfriends, Husbands, & Affairs
(10) Trouble Shooting (Contingencies & Interrupts)
(11) Psychology & Female Emotions
(12) Alpha Male Behavior & Body Language
(13) Frame Control & Limiting Beliefs
(14) Wingmen & Pivots
(15) Social Circle Game

These chapters are not set in stone. At one point there were 20 chapters. I have since combined and restructured the book. I recommend that everyone involved in learning seduction do this. Make your own book that will describe what your style is. My book is structured within a hybrid version of the M3 Model from Mystery, being heavily influenced by Love Systems, Pickup 101, Mehow, and Juggler from Charisma Arts.

Since working on the handbook, my Game has skyrocketed compared to what it was before I started taking such meticulous notes. I just recently read that Mehow had taken his personal notes of 500+ pages to write Get the Girl! Book. If you do not write down ideas and concepts, you will forget them and if you feel confused about a certain issue or topic, you will have to research it instead of just looking at your own notebook with the answer right in front of you. That’s just my two cents…start writing ;-)

Product Review: Mehow's Get the Girl! Infield Exposed

Mehow’s Get the Girl! Infield Exposed is by the far the best hidden camera community product. It consists of 8 DVD’s of uncut night game hidden camera videos of Mehow followed by Mehow’s complete breakdown of what was happening step by step. It is truly an excellent product. I recommend reading Mehow’s Get the Girl book first, since he uses the material he teaches in that book. I have learned so much from the videos and his book and it really demonstrates how pickup works. I think this is an essential product for aspiring PUA’s. Below is a trailer for the product.

Possible Audio and Hidden Camera Pickups By Me

I really enjoy watching the hidden camera video pickups from Mehow, Pickup 101, PUA Training, etc. and I am contemplating making my own hidden video and audio pickups.

I have a digital voice recorder and I’m going to go to the store today and see if I can find an inconspicuous clip on microphone to record the audio of my approaches. If I go out with anyone to do approaches/sarge I will bring a camera along as well if I can figure out a way to keep it hidden and see if I can record some approaches.

This should be fun if I can get it to work. I’m sure the audio idea will be easy, I don’t know how this video thing is going to work out. We’ll see how it goes. Not to mention I'm going to have to figure out some video software since I will not be able to show the female's faces without a waiver.

Social Circle Update: Past Event Recaps & Learning From Past Mistakes

In the last two weeks I had organized two events, one was a team for the AIDS Walk in NYC and the second was a Wings Night. I learned something very important for these two events. I have originally been only inviting a limited number of people to events because I was concerned that if too many people agreed to come then the venue or activity wouldn’t be able to support that number of people. That was incorrect thinking and I’ve learned this from the last few events I’ve organized. I normally do all my event planning through facebook. I’ve learned that “Maybe” = “No” and about 1/3 of those that say “Yes” will flake if not more. Therefore, I’m going to work on inviting way more people than an activity can manage, this way even if for some reason more people say “Yes” than can be supported, I would expect a certain percentage of them to flake. If everyone miraculously does show up, I will just have to manage :-)

My next event is planned for this Saturday, it is party at my apartment, going to have some drinking games, and I will be ordering the Ultimate Fighting Championship on PPV. I'm expecting about 10 - 15 people.

Product Review: Pickup 101's Spy Cam Seductions

By far, the hidden video product to purchase is Mehow’s Infield Exposed, but coming in at second place is Pickup 101’s Spy Cam Seductions. Mehow’s product focus’s completely on him opening sets and moving along in the process while Spy Cam Seductions has one video of Lance, one of Sean, and one of Daniel and then the rest of the hidden videos are of students, not necessarily doing the right things, but like Mehow’s product, this product has the instructors breaking down the videos and discussing concepts. I do think the product is worth purchasing and I have learned a lot from it, but I would have liked if they added a ton more videos of the Pickup 101 instructors.

Some Positives

- Hidden Video
- Breakdown of Sets Shown
- Explanations of Concepts by Pickup 101 Instructors

Some Negatives

- Not Enough Hidden Video of Pickup 101 Instructors
- Not As Good Overall Video Quality as Mehow’s Product
- Not Enough Video of Different Approaches

Video Trailer

The Pickup Artist Season 2: 2/3 Of the Possible Online Winners are Experienced at Pick Up

Okay, now this is really amusing. Of the 8 contestents on the new season of The Pickup Artist, 1 is chosen from user votes on the internet. However, of the 3 possible choices that made it through the competition, 2 have had experience with the community. The first is Mike Stoute, who runs The Seduction Bible with Bobby Rio and the second is a student from the ABC's of Attraction named Kevin. Now if either of these two win this will be an interesting season considering the other 7 chosen are probably at a significant disadvantage.

Product Review: Game On Documentary

Game On is a documentary that takes a look at the seduction community from 2002-2005. They documentary specifically follows two members from the NYC Lair, one of which who became Future, a well known instructor from the Mystery Method. There are interviews with many well known figures from the community and while I feel it was interesting, I do think that the documentary could have been longer and had a more coherent direction. It was poorly edited and lacked a specific vision, which took away from the overall quality of the product. The documentary is 50 minutes long and can be purchased at Game On Documentary. I have included the trailer below:

[Click Link to View Video]

Approach: Trident Super Girl – HB 7.5


LIRR Platform


Very attractive girl on the train platform text messaging


7.5 – Very Attractive


“Hey, [Big Smile]” . . . “Aren’t you hot in that”


I didn’t transition, she did.


Yes. Handshake, light touching on the hand and leg.


# Close


I was walking on the LIRR platform and I saw a girl with blond hair ahead of me that looked to be around my age. She planted herself around mid-platform and began texting someone. I didn’t actually notice her texting until I opened. As I was passing her I saw how attractive she was so I opened simply with “Hey” and she smiled and then I took two steps passed her as though I wasn’t going to stop and then looked over my shoulder and said “Aren’t you hot in that?” She asked me why I thought she would be hot and I told her that she was wearing all black and absorbing the heat, she told me she was actually pretty cold and that it was supposed to rain outside and I moved onto to saying really, well I guess I should have checked the weather since I left my windows open at my apartment. Then we chatted for about another two minutes about where she was headed, where I was headed, about art and drawing and some childhood stuff and then we get on the train and sit together and I banter and tease her a bit, we share some interesting stories and when I know we are about to get in the city I decide to number close just by saying, "let’s exchange contact information." I found it went extremely well.

Btw, she got the name Trident Super Girl since I teased her about having a ring that looked like it had a trident gum (one of those white square ones) in it.

Approach: High School Girl


Public Library


Girl studying a few tables away in a public library


6 - Attractive


“Hey, how’s it going, I’m Yummy” [She introduces herself] “What are you working on?”

Transition Question

“You’re in high school?”


Hand Shake




I was at in a public library and there was an attractive blond with a large chest sitting a few tables away, facing my direct. She kept looking up towards me, and I at her and when she walked by to head to the bathroom I kind of gave her a smirk (which should have been a full smile, dunno why I didn’t) and then as she walked passed me I turned to check her out, but the funny thing was, she did the same exact thing to me and we both saw that we both looked, which was very funny. Then when she came back to sit, she was playing with her hair quite a bit, looking up at me a bit, so I got up and walked over to her and introduced myself. She seemed a bit shy and nervous, and I think my demeanor changed towards her when after I asked her what she was working on she said physics and English, and I followed up with “you’re in high school” and then she said yes. I think I just felt awkward that I just approached a high school student and that made her a bit uncomfortable, but we chatted for a little while, but she never got comfortable. I think she understood how old I was and I think she just felt like a deer in headlights and didn’t know how to interact. I ejected after about five minutes, no point continuing the interaction.

Rating Girls Scale - Now With Pictures

As I have shared in the past, I operate by a slightly different rating scale when it comes to rating girls than most. I have decided to give a more indepth overview of my rating scale in this post. To recap, here is my rating scale, followed by the new detailed breakdown with photographs. Also, as a side note, the pictures chosen to represent the specific ratings are of course subjective to my taste. The rating system is valid for anyone, but I'm sure some of you agree and some disagree with my choices for each number, but everyone has different taste, live with it ;-P

The Rating System

I am very strict with this scale. No one has yet obtained a 10. What most people consider a 10 is more like a 7 - 7.5 on my scale. I will sleep with a 5 and above.

10 – Perfect (We all have flaws, it is doubtful a true 10 exists or ever did exist, but you never know)
09 – Almost Perfect (At this point it is no longer just about physical attractiveness, personality definetly comes into play)
08 – Beautiful
07 – Very Attractive
06 – Attractive
5.5 - Above-Average
05 – Average
04 – Unattractive
03 – Very Unattractive
02 – Hideous
01 – Road Kill

The New Breakdown

I will spare everyone the rankings of 1 - 4 and begin with 5.

A 5 is an average looking girl. She is not unattractive, but there is nothing that sets her apart from other girls. She may be "doable" but it would be difficult to call her cute, attractive, sexy, hot, etc.

I consider a 5.5 an Above-Average looking girl. For this example I use the girl from buffy the vampire slayer:

A six is an attractive girl, not quite very attractive or beautiful, but just attractive. There are generally a flaw or two that are preventing them from making it to a 7. The following two examples I provide for a 6 are Katherine McPhee from American Idol and Elisha Cuthbert from 24:

Coming in at 7 are Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley. They are very attractive girls, but for some reason they don't stand out from many other attractive girls.

At 8 (Beautiful) we have Rachelle Leah (UFC), Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Simpson. To make it to an eight, there has to be something that seems to differentiate them from all the 7s.

And of course as I shared above, to 9's involve knowing ones personality and I have yet to meet a ten.

Do you introduce yourself by your real name or your handle?

I hear this debate all the time and find this very amusing. I see people arguing that of course Mystery and the whole lot of them open and introduce themselves with their handle, but I’m sorry kiddies, we aren’t playing a video game here. Mystery introduces himself as Erik and then tells them that all his friends call him by his nickname, which is also his stage name, Mystery. If you have a nickname that people call you and you want to use, then use it like Mystery does, otherwise, you will probably come off sounding like a nit wit. Below is a video that demonstrates Mystery introducing himself:

Product Review: Mehow: Get the Girl! Infield Insider March 2008 (Featuring David Wygant)

Mehow’s Infield Insider is a hidden camera product with new releases each month featuring a guru from the community. After a set of hidden camera videos, Mehow then breaks down step by step each interaction with the guest guru.

For the month of March, the featured guest was David Wygant, the real life inspiration behind the movie Hitch. The approaches are all day game and consist of 6 approaches. What I love about David Wygant is that he comes off as extremely friendly to everyone, and the hidden camera videos show just how easy it is to interact with strangers. David says that, “he teaches guys how to connect everywhere.” And it shows in these videos. Out of the six videos, only the last one lasted more than two minutes and resulted in a number close and he is now seeing that woman. I think that the 5 approaches that did not result in a number close exist to show the viewer that not every approach needs to result in one, but rather you should just be friendly to everyone and interact with everyone, there doesn't always have to be a hidden agenda to sleep with every woman you talk to.

His philosophy seems to be that you should get to know everyone everywhere, especially in places you frequent. This way everyone will know you and you become the local celebrity, you know all the employees and some of the regular customers and that gives you social proof and from my own point of view it is a good way of just enriching your social life in general. David Wygant comes off as very natural in his interactions and it is fun to watch.

Below is the video breakdown of the # close:

Video: Paul Janka on Dr. Phil Show

Here is a video from Paul Janka's recent appearence on the Dr. Phil show. I found the video originally on Donovan's The Seduction Chronicles, which always has excellent content and some of the latest information on the seduction community.

Paul Janka on Dr. Phil Show

Today's Dr. Phil show titled "Male Egos Out of Control" featured Paul Janka, a self proclaimed Casonova who lives in NYC. I first became aware of Janka when he appeared on the Today Show late last year. Dr. Phil took a tough line on him, but I think Janka handled himself extremely well. Paul Janka has also written a 17 page manifesto titled How to Get Laid in NYC. Below is a copy of the slide show found on Dr. Phil's website which is basically the transcript of, and some pictures from the segment. If a video becomes available I will post it.

The Art of Charm on Current TV

Here is a video of a couple of guys over at The Art of Charm, based out of NYC. One of the founders is Jordan Harbinger (not featured in the video) who has gained notoriety as co-host of the Pickup Podcast which is an excellent podcast I suggest to anyone who wishes to learn more about the seduction

and key people in the community. I did have an issue with the whole rose exercise, I found it to be cheesy and doubt it would bring much success to anyone that attempts to use it, however, one of the instructors over at The Art of Charm (Joshua) had this to say about the exercise, "It's a sincerity exercise. If you can be light hearted and playful enough to know you are doing something completely cheesy and still stay sincere and confident while you're doing it, you'll have no problem being sincere when you should be. This was a crazy exercise but it always reaches the desired effect: The clients know that showing even the neediest form of attraction STILL isn't that scary."

Video of the Week: Proximity Alert System (Mystery)

Here is an older video of Mystery explaining the Proximity Alert System.

Approach: Free Cookies




Lobby of building, girl is walking towards library


5.5 - Average


“Hey, are you giving away cookies?”

Transition Question



Don’t recall, probably, I definitely touched the cookies ;-)




I was at school in the lobby of a building heading towards the library and I see a girl walking with a bag in her hand and I heard her say something to the security desk as she was walking by about cookies so I walked up next to her and said something along the lines of “Hey, are you giving away cookies?” She looked at me and said “Sure, do you want some?” And I smiled and said sure thing and she opened up her bag and I took out a bag –the weird part was that she really wasn’t giving away cookies, she obviously just went to a coffee shop and picked them up, they were unopened and cost a buck twenty five. When we were walking towards the library doors I said “by the way, what is your name?” She gave me her name, I introduced myself and said thanks for the cookies and went on my way. I’ve seen her around school, never spoke with her before. The cookies were fantastic by the way ;-)