Approach: Trident Super Girl – HB 7.5


LIRR Platform


Very attractive girl on the train platform text messaging


7.5 – Very Attractive


“Hey, [Big Smile]” . . . “Aren’t you hot in that”


I didn’t transition, she did.


Yes. Handshake, light touching on the hand and leg.


# Close


I was walking on the LIRR platform and I saw a girl with blond hair ahead of me that looked to be around my age. She planted herself around mid-platform and began texting someone. I didn’t actually notice her texting until I opened. As I was passing her I saw how attractive she was so I opened simply with “Hey” and she smiled and then I took two steps passed her as though I wasn’t going to stop and then looked over my shoulder and said “Aren’t you hot in that?” She asked me why I thought she would be hot and I told her that she was wearing all black and absorbing the heat, she told me she was actually pretty cold and that it was supposed to rain outside and I moved onto to saying really, well I guess I should have checked the weather since I left my windows open at my apartment. Then we chatted for about another two minutes about where she was headed, where I was headed, about art and drawing and some childhood stuff and then we get on the train and sit together and I banter and tease her a bit, we share some interesting stories and when I know we are about to get in the city I decide to number close just by saying, "let’s exchange contact information." I found it went extremely well.

Btw, she got the name Trident Super Girl since I teased her about having a ring that looked like it had a trident gum (one of those white square ones) in it.