The Art of Charm on Current TV

Here is a video of a couple of guys over at The Art of Charm, based out of NYC. One of the founders is Jordan Harbinger (not featured in the video) who has gained notoriety as co-host of the Pickup Podcast which is an excellent podcast I suggest to anyone who wishes to learn more about the seduction

and key people in the community. I did have an issue with the whole rose exercise, I found it to be cheesy and doubt it would bring much success to anyone that attempts to use it, however, one of the instructors over at The Art of Charm (Joshua) had this to say about the exercise, "It's a sincerity exercise. If you can be light hearted and playful enough to know you are doing something completely cheesy and still stay sincere and confident while you're doing it, you'll have no problem being sincere when you should be. This was a crazy exercise but it always reaches the desired effect: The clients know that showing even the neediest form of attraction STILL isn't that scary."



May 12, 2008 at 1:26 PM

I didn't like this video at all, it almost goes against some of the things that I'm supposed to be learning how to do properly. You even saw the reaction that the girl's got from receiving the rose, it wasn't a good one. Plus they didn't follow through with anything afterwards they just bailed after giving the rose.

Also I didn't care for those instructors they seem like just some random guys who decided to move to NY because it's a target rich environment, for both Girls and their business.