Do you introduce yourself by your real name or your handle?

I hear this debate all the time and find this very amusing. I see people arguing that of course Mystery and the whole lot of them open and introduce themselves with their handle, but I’m sorry kiddies, we aren’t playing a video game here. Mystery introduces himself as Erik and then tells them that all his friends call him by his nickname, which is also his stage name, Mystery. If you have a nickname that people call you and you want to use, then use it like Mystery does, otherwise, you will probably come off sounding like a nit wit. Below is a video that demonstrates Mystery introducing himself:



May 12, 2008 at 2:54 PM

Very cool video, it's cool how Mystery moved in on that AMOG before he ruined Mehow's Set, but funny how they didn't realize that it was a 4 set to begin with :)

I noticed a lot of things, especially since I had to watch most of it 3 times to hear each conversation separately to get the most of of it.

I love, but hate Mystery at the same time on how is hat gains works so well for him, where the girl obviously was into him but mentioned how she hated it, and then asked for his name.

I find it funny to that when Mehow asked the set to come over to his table, at first they just said no, and somehow he managed to get them to come after building comfort with his hand reading routine.