FR: 17 Set Opened By My Pivot


Local Bar


17 Set at a local bar with approximately equal number girl/guy ratio.


5 – 6.5 There were 2 girls I would consider attractive out of the group.


Pivot: “Hey, what are you drinking?”


Pivot: “Hey, ___________, this is Yummy.”


Yes tons, but nothing sexual. Lower back touching, upper back touching, knee, and leg touching, arm and hand touching.


2 # Closes


Me and my Pivot [in training], Munchkin Brain decided to check out a local bar that we have never been to that is in walking distance. We actually assumed it would be dead so we decided to pregame having 4 shots each. We were super drunk and did the walk to the bar. When we walked in we were actually pretty surprised. It was all a young crowd, maybe thirty or so people, equal number guys and girls. There was lots of empty space. We immediately sat in two empty seats at the bar and I opened a guy next to me. Apparently I was in the seat of two of his friends so we went to sit on two stools against the wall and people watch for a little while. There were basically two sets, each set was divided further into two more (basically the guys and girls of each group had segregated themselves from each other). It was one of those bars that when you walk in, the right side of the bar was the actual bar with stools all lined up and right across from it was a railing against the wall with more stools. Everyone was against the bar, we were up against the railing, and the “unattractive” set was to the left, and the “attractive” set to the right. The unattractive set would have been easy to open, but as I just said, they were unattractive, both the guys and the girls.

The social dynamics of the group I wanted to approach was too complex for me at the time, especially since I was already shit faced and still drinking. One of the girls separated from the group to order a drink. I said to Munchkin Brain that I was going to approach, she said that she wanted to, so I told her to go over to her and scoot in between the guy next to her that was part of the unattractive set and her and then say, “Hey, how’s it going, what kind of drink are you ordering?” They interacted for about two minutes and then the girl rejoined her set. I came in between where the girl sat and where Munchkin Brain was and told her that she did a fantastic job and now it was time to re-open and introduce me so we can blow the set wide open. I had Munchkin Brain lightly tap the girl on the left elbow when she wasn’t interacting with anyone (I wanted to make it as easy as possible for my Pivot to re-open) and I pretended to be unaware that she was even talking to her again, I then turned my attention to them and was introduced and then I took it from there.

I learned that a portion of the group was from Scotland and the rest were from here and they were all coworkers. I learned they are regulars at this bar and as each new person interacted with this one girl I brought them into this newly created set in which I was the leader. Eventually I had four girls plus my pivot in this new set. At this point one of the girls bought Munchkin Brain and I drinks (her two drinks) and we all were having a blast and getting totally shit faced. After the shots we separated and decided to game individual girls in the set. We both eventually made our way through all the girls but 1 and 3 of the guys out of this 17 Person set. My Pivot # closed two of the girls, one who was the most attractive out of the lot.

Conclusions and What I learned

This is a new section I decided to add to these Field Reports.

Since Munchkin Brain and I didn’t expect anyone to even be in the bar I was not looking my best, lol. I haven’t shaved in days, I am in dire need of a haircut, and I was wearing a plane black t-shirt. All that aside, I had a blast and I learned some important things.

The first is that using Charisma Art’s one cold approach technique does in fact work. At the point we opened the 17 set it had fractured into smaller sets. We just kept transitioning from mini-set to mini-set and merging sets in the process back into each other. It was fun.

The second has to do with improvements in my game as a result of RSD. Since I have been studying the material from Real Social Dynamics (RSD) (a review of their Foundations product is forthcoming) I have learned that there are parts of my game that were weaker than I thought and I feel I have learned a tremendous amount from Tyler and have modified my interactions in certain venues a bit. One thing I am working on is ramping up attractive with girls. One way of doing that is through teasing and I last night was a perfect example of where I teased a girl and the increase in attraction was instantaneous and wonderful. There were two attractive girls in the set, this was one of them and I teased her and she took a step back, turned read, went to hit me but saw my Pivot was in the set with me and didn’t know what to do (I don’t think she knows what our relationship is) so she stopped short, but it was obvious that the attraction level got bumped up a couple of notches. As a result of RSD I have been trying to focus more on understanding Vibing better, when to use wide rapport v. deep rapport (since I was always a deep rapport guy, but Tyler has shown me that there are different ways of looking at things) and ramping up attraction early on and hooking easier. Anyhow, that is it for now :-)



June 1, 2008 at 3:19 PM

You should edit your report to properly convey what happened. You had ZERO # closes, your pivot got 2. Having her get them in reality means shit, because you didn't go through the work to get them, or have the same reaction that you might have gotten if it was you. When gets the #, the girl(s) giving it out is just in the mindset of: oh hey this girl was pretty cool, I'll make her another BF. Or something on those lines, but if you got the # it has potential to go either friend or BF depending on how far you got with her how apparent it would be. Then you have to deal with hoping that it's not flakes, when your pivot got the # it was a friend to friend level and wouldn't have to have such worries.