My PUA Handbook: It's Evolution and Current Status

I have been writing my PUA Handbook in some form or another since the beginning of 2006. When I first started becoming involved with the community, I took NO notes. I went through The Game, The VAH, and several other products without writing much of anything and I realized I didn’t retain as much as I wanted either. I started taking sporadic notes in the beginning of 2006 and eventually those notes become more detailed but they were very disorganized. Some documents had lists of openers, others lists of negs, others descriptions of concepts, but my game suffered because I had no structure regardless of what I read or what I tried to implement in field. So, last year I decided to organize what I knew in a very hardcore manner by taking meticulous notes on EVERYTHING I read, watched, listened to, and experienced (in field). I even went back to those past products and reconsumed them to take the notes I should have the first time around. Now at this point I have 163 pages to my PUA Handbook, single placed, and footnoted up the wazoo. Every sentence that is not original from my head (with is approx. 99.5% is footnoted so I can support my information. I only put information in that I either know from experience works and is true or I am very confident is accurate.

My chapter format runs like this:

(01) Introduction
(02) [Attraction] Approaching & Opening
(03) [Flirting] Banter, Negs, & Teasing
(04) [Comfort] Rapport & Storytelling
(05) [Closing] Phone & Text Game
(06) [Seduction] Kino, Foreplay, Sex, Physical Escalation
(07) Day 2s & Dating
(08) Relationships & MLTRs
(09) Boyfriends, Husbands, & Affairs
(10) Trouble Shooting (Contingencies & Interrupts)
(11) Psychology & Female Emotions
(12) Alpha Male Behavior & Body Language
(13) Frame Control & Limiting Beliefs
(14) Wingmen & Pivots
(15) Social Circle Game

These chapters are not set in stone. At one point there were 20 chapters. I have since combined and restructured the book. I recommend that everyone involved in learning seduction do this. Make your own book that will describe what your style is. My book is structured within a hybrid version of the M3 Model from Mystery, being heavily influenced by Love Systems, Pickup 101, Mehow, and Juggler from Charisma Arts.

Since working on the handbook, my Game has skyrocketed compared to what it was before I started taking such meticulous notes. I just recently read that Mehow had taken his personal notes of 500+ pages to write Get the Girl! Book. If you do not write down ideas and concepts, you will forget them and if you feel confused about a certain issue or topic, you will have to research it instead of just looking at your own notebook with the answer right in front of you. That’s just my two cents…start writing ;-)



May 24, 2008 at 7:36 PM

This sounds pretty interesting. Love to hear your progress.



May 27, 2008 at 1:21 PM

Thank you for posting this, it helped me put some structure for my "Road Map" which outlines all of the different things needed to become a PUA from the very beginning (like Eye contact) to whatever your ultimate goal might be such as GF, Marriage, or 3Somes.