Product Review: Love System's Magic Bullets by Savoy

Magic Bullets by Savoy (Love Systems) is a pretty decent book. The e-book is just under 200 pages. The first half was very informative and filled in some missing holes in my knowledge base. Love Systems claims they use a system called the “Emotional Progression Model” but in reality it is just the M3 Model with perhaps arguably some slight tweaks. Therefore there wasn’t a tremendous amount of new information if you’ve already read Mystery’s VAH. However, I must say that their chapter on Attraction was excellent. All that being said, sadly, shortly after the half way point the quality of the material and the depth of the subject matter began to decrease. I did learn relevant things, but a significant amount of it, perhaps even most of it, left much to be desired. For example, the chapter on Day game was utterly horrendous and offered very little substantive content. Overall, I think that an aspiring PUA can live without it, but it doesn’t hurt to read and there is some very relevant insight and information in the book.



May 27, 2008 at 1:56 PM

With all that said and done now, I think perhaps after I'm done reading the VAH perhaps Mehow's book might be my next logical choice. Since you said that it was very good and informative. Then I'll move to Magic Bullets after that.