Product Review: Mehow: Get the Girl! Infield Insider March 2008 (Featuring David Wygant)

Mehow’s Infield Insider is a hidden camera product with new releases each month featuring a guru from the community. After a set of hidden camera videos, Mehow then breaks down step by step each interaction with the guest guru.

For the month of March, the featured guest was David Wygant, the real life inspiration behind the movie Hitch. The approaches are all day game and consist of 6 approaches. What I love about David Wygant is that he comes off as extremely friendly to everyone, and the hidden camera videos show just how easy it is to interact with strangers. David says that, “he teaches guys how to connect everywhere.” And it shows in these videos. Out of the six videos, only the last one lasted more than two minutes and resulted in a number close and he is now seeing that woman. I think that the 5 approaches that did not result in a number close exist to show the viewer that not every approach needs to result in one, but rather you should just be friendly to everyone and interact with everyone, there doesn't always have to be a hidden agenda to sleep with every woman you talk to.

His philosophy seems to be that you should get to know everyone everywhere, especially in places you frequent. This way everyone will know you and you become the local celebrity, you know all the employees and some of the regular customers and that gives you social proof and from my own point of view it is a good way of just enriching your social life in general. David Wygant comes off as very natural in his interactions and it is fun to watch.

Below is the video breakdown of the # close:



May 12, 2008 at 2:04 PM

Well that was short... it ended leaving me wanting to watch more. It was pretty cool. It seemed though that he barely did any work at all to get her, as in she started off sitting across, she did the IOI's, and possibly even spilled it on purpose. But at least he recognized and took that opportunity she created.