Product Review: Pickup 101's Spy Cam Seductions

By far, the hidden video product to purchase is Mehow’s Infield Exposed, but coming in at second place is Pickup 101’s Spy Cam Seductions. Mehow’s product focus’s completely on him opening sets and moving along in the process while Spy Cam Seductions has one video of Lance, one of Sean, and one of Daniel and then the rest of the hidden videos are of students, not necessarily doing the right things, but like Mehow’s product, this product has the instructors breaking down the videos and discussing concepts. I do think the product is worth purchasing and I have learned a lot from it, but I would have liked if they added a ton more videos of the Pickup 101 instructors.

Some Positives

- Hidden Video
- Breakdown of Sets Shown
- Explanations of Concepts by Pickup 101 Instructors

Some Negatives

- Not Enough Hidden Video of Pickup 101 Instructors
- Not As Good Overall Video Quality as Mehow’s Product
- Not Enough Video of Different Approaches

Video Trailer



May 21, 2008 at 9:30 PM

I would definably be interested in seeing this 12 hour! long thing, from what they showed it seems pretty good. Very educational.