Social Circle Update: Past Event Recaps & Learning From Past Mistakes

In the last two weeks I had organized two events, one was a team for the AIDS Walk in NYC and the second was a Wings Night. I learned something very important for these two events. I have originally been only inviting a limited number of people to events because I was concerned that if too many people agreed to come then the venue or activity wouldn’t be able to support that number of people. That was incorrect thinking and I’ve learned this from the last few events I’ve organized. I normally do all my event planning through facebook. I’ve learned that “Maybe” = “No” and about 1/3 of those that say “Yes” will flake if not more. Therefore, I’m going to work on inviting way more people than an activity can manage, this way even if for some reason more people say “Yes” than can be supported, I would expect a certain percentage of them to flake. If everyone miraculously does show up, I will just have to manage :-)

My next event is planned for this Saturday, it is party at my apartment, going to have some drinking games, and I will be ordering the Ultimate Fighting Championship on PPV. I'm expecting about 10 - 15 people.