About Me (Yummy Stale Bread)

How I Got Started in the Community

My journey began in 2004.  I stumbled upon an article in the New York Times by Neil Strauss which discussed the community.  After a follow-up search on the internet I landed on the Fast Seduction website. I browsed the site, but came away from it highly skeptical, and I had not returned to it until a couple of years later after reading the Game.  I had seen the book on the bookshelves and more or less rolled my eyes and went on my way, but it kept calling out to me.  Eventually I decided to read it and from there I moved onto the Venusian Arts Handbook.  I have been consuming community products ever since and expanding and improving my knowledge and practical abilities with women in the process.

This Blog

In 2007 I decided to begin my own blog to chronicle my journey. At that point in time I would say that my knowledge of pickup was very solid. I began sometime mid 2007 compiling my own handbook detailing all my knowledge on the subject, which has since expanded to include other socially related topics as well.  It is still being updated regularly and is now hundreds of pages and very detailed, covering every aspect of seduction. I am at the point where I am trying to translate all that knowledge into consistent success.

My System of Seduction

I believe that everyone that strives to become successful in seduction eventually develops their own system.  This system will be unique to them and may incorporate significant portions of material from other systems.  I used Mystery’s M3 Model as a foundation and incorporated numerous concepts, advice, and practical techniques from a very large number of figures in the community.  Other than Mystery, I have been most heavily influenced by Mehow, Pickup 101, Juggler Method (Charisma Arts), Love Systems, David Wygant, and Real Social Dynamics. This strategy has been very effective and I have come a long way on my journey to social mastery.

About My Success

I would have to say that as a result of the community my lifestyle pre-community was not even recognizable to what it has become.  I have created a lifestyle where many of the females in my life know I have an open relationship, I love to have fun, and where I have become a leader in my social circle by hosting parties monthly.  This has made it much easier to be intimiate with girl's I incorporate into my social circle.  I keep track of the number of girls I have been intimate with and keep a tally on the main page of this site.  These lays come from a combination of (1) Girl's I have incorporated into my social circle, (2) Girl's I have cold approached, and (3) From Swinging with my girlfriend.  The majority of my lays come from the third category and I've created a completely seperate blog detailing my adventures in swinging and as a result, those experences are seldom shared on this website.