Approach: Train Girl Reading a Book

Note: I'm trying a slightly different format with this entry. I have merged the details and dialogue section and have written that section to be more descriptive and have more storylike qualities than I have in the past in an effort to not only improve my story telling abilities, but to make these entries more enjoyable to read.


Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to Long Island


Three seat with a guy in the window seat and the girl in aisle seat


5.5 - Average


“That is an interesting title for a book, what is it about?”




None, but the book receive some



Details & Dialogue

The train car I had entered was fairly full, but not full to the point where there weren’t a few open seats here and there. I walked down the aisle slowly, scanning for targets to sit next to. From experience I choose the first girl that meets my criteria (Btw 18-35 and HB5+). I have learned that if I pass someone that peaks my interest in the hopes of finding someone more appealing, I generally never find that more appealing person.

I see my target, she is an average looking girl, curly dirty blond hair, wearing a long flowery blouse, sitting in the aisle seat of a three seat. There is a guy in a suit sitting in the window seat and they have their stuff between them.

I say, “excuse me.” They both take their belongings and she slides in. I sit down next to her and say, “thank you.”

I then open up my black business bag and take out a piece of gum. I look over and see she is half way through the book, “Free Food for Millionaires” by Min Jin Lee. The title sounded interesting and I had never heard of the book before. Because I’m such an avid reader, the title piqued my curiously, I decided to open.

Me: “That is an interesting title for a book, what’s it about?”

[I can tell she is confused, she is still looking down at her book, but I am very sure that she knew I was speaking and that I was speaking to her]

[I decide to repeat myself, but before I do, I take my right index finger (she is sitting to my right) and I point directly at the title, with my finger pressing into the page of her book]

Me: “That is an interesting title for a book, what’s it about?”

[She begins to pick the book up as though to look at the front cover, as though she doesn’t even know what she is reading]

Her: “It is, um, I don’t really . . .”

[I cut her off]

Me: “You are half way through the book, don’t tell me you don’t even know what it is about.”

Her: “It is hard to explain, it is a good book though”

Me: “Is it a novel?”

Her: “Yea”

I disengage at that point. In my eyes, her value plummeted. I couldn’t tell if she was being rude or if she was just idiotic, but whichever one it was, I lost all interest in interacting with her.

The train stopped, the woman taking up two seats across from me got up to exit the train and I did something that most people for some reason do not do, I got up out of the three seat, sitting next to “Ms. I don’t know what I’m reading” and moved to the two seat. She scooted over to the aisle seat and I looked over since the movement caught my attention and I saw the guy who was in the window seat give her a pretty unpleasant look. My interpretation was that her interaction with me caused her to lose value in his eyes as well.

Generally speaking, when a situation like that occurs, I may tell the girl to give me the book for a moment and scan the back cover. A lot of times if someone is just starting a book, they may not be sure of what exactly it is about. I know I’m that way. However, half way through a book and being clueless? NEXT!

Conclusions and What I learned

I was content with my performance on this approach. Based upon the dynamics of the situation, I would have done nothing differently. Perhaps if she was more physically appealing I would have plowed through, but when someone starts at a 5.5 on my scale, they need to be gaining points on the personality scale, not losing them.